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Fix Windows Search, Privacy, and Remove Bloatware

Vastly improved file search

I use Void Tools Everything search to find files. It is at least 10x as fast as the default Windows search, and it is easy to setup filters to only search code or contents in a specific directory.

Website and Download:

Privacy and Annoying Apps Removal

O&O Shut Up 10 and O&O App Buster

Windows comes with a bunch of extra bloat programs and a bunch of privacy related settings enabled that I also don’t want.

Shut Up 10 fixes the settings, and App Buster makes it easy to remove all the extraneous apps.

Download Links

Download these programs, run them, and customize to your liking.

Remove Widgets and Game Bar

Disable Windows 11 Widgets

The Windows 11 widgets feature has distracting news that can’t be disabled, so Widgets should be uninstalled. To do so:

  1. Start admin powershell
  2. Run winget uninstall "windows web experience pack"

Source: Microsoft Answers

Disable Xbox Game Bar

Follow the instructions here: